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30,000 t of malt every year – produced in a sustainable manner

Rheinpfalz malting plant is in the heart of the most traditional barley area in Germany – between Taubergebiet, Kraichgau, Rheinhessen, Hunsrück, Taunus and Vogelsberg.

The regional proximity to the growing region of our barley is not only advantageous from an ecological perspective. Display text [..]

It also means that trusting partnerships with agricultural producers, grain collectors and associations have also developed and enable effective and sustainable collaboration over the entire value creation chain.

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Our basic stock is made up of high quality raw materials

Malt is a natural product. Health soils, clean water and resources and the careful use of modern technology are the most important elements of the high quality of our raw materials.

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Our partners are professionals in the storage of barley. They ensure that we are supplied with high quality raw materials for our malt products.

We check that the quality meets our high requirements by means of regular supplier and warehouse audits. The origin and traceability of the barley is evident at all times. The geographical proximity to the Rhine means we are also able to expand our catchment area to the major growing regions in Europe when necessary – ultimately the river is one of the most important waterways for grain transport.

We get the water we need for germination from our two own fountains. We regularly have a state certified laboratory document the quality and purity.

Malt products: Controlled and certified

Malzfabrik Rheinpfalz GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and in accordance with the international standard QS. In order to avoid any risks which may occur in the food sector and in order to create a high degree of security, we have also set up control points (CP) and critical control points (CCP) in what is known as an HACCP concept. These are regularly checked by specially trained employees. Display text [..]

Our current certificates are available for viewing as downloads here.

And another thing: our logistics partners demonstrate their competence through regular certification. They have many years of experience in transporting grain and barley and have modern fleets which supply our customers with malt from the Rheinpfalz malting plant punctually and reliably at all times.


Ökoprofit Award

Last year we participated in Ökoprofit Südhessen for the first time and received an award directly. The Ökoprofit project is an exchange of experience with other companies on the topics of energy efficiency and resource conservation with the aim of uncovering unused potential in one’s own company.

At Malzfabrik Rheinpfalz, specific electricity consumption was already reduced by 10% between 2016 and 2021 through continuous investment in energy-efficient technology. In 2022, we renovated the refrigeration plant and brought it up to the latest technical standards. This measure alone leads to an additional annual saving of around 60,000 kWh of electricity. Further projects, which have also been developed in cooperation with the Ökoprofit network, are to be realised in the near future and make a sustainable contribution to saving resources.

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ISO 9001: 2015

In order to meet current requirements for modern quality management, Malzfabrik Rheinpfalz GmbH introduced DIN ISO 9001: 2015 in March 2017 and was certified according to QS.

KLIMAeffizient Südhessen

For the 4th time in succession Malzfabrik Rheinpfalz did participate “KLIMAeffizient Südhessen” successfully.

It is the aim of “KLIMAeffizient Südhessen” to build a network between local companies to communicate experience in subjects as energy efficiency, saving energy and also to advance energy savings in its own company.


Modern technology protects the environment

Every day, we set ourselves the challenge of producing the best malt in a sustainable way. Rheinpfalz malting plant engaged with environmentally aware malt production at an early stage and modernised its malting systems with advanced technology: we were able to reduce our gas consumption by more than 20 percent in the past few years by installing an innovative heat recovery system. Display text [..]

We are also economical with fresh water: in close collaboration with a plant manufacturer we developed a recovery system which we were able to use to reduce water consumption by 50 percent. We have also been able to reduce out electricity and water consumption significantly with our new softening house.


Do you have any questions? Just get in touch: or: +49 6157 / 9479-0

Rheinpfalz malting plant relies on innovation and continuity in the quality of products, reliable partnerships with suppliers and good collaboration with our customers. An important part of our company’s success is our employees. With their knowledge and abilities, they guarantee that the level of performance remains high at all times.

Would you like to find out more about the Rheinpfalz malting plant? Or is there already something specific you want? Get in touch. We would be happy to help.

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